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Publicado 27 Oct 2011, 9:00 am

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Por Pepe Aguilar

Your body is alive!

Yes, you are pretty much the epitome of life as we know it (literally).
And the fact that we are not constantly aware of this, it’s really very sad.

You see, it’s all in our heads, the value we give to things in our IMAGINARY little world will dictate the way we live our REAL lives! …… And we are completely unaware of this “duality.”

We play a REAL and very MORTAL GAME with a set of IMAGINARY RULES that we totally believe.

It’s not that we are stupid of course, it’s just that we don’t have the necessary information……or the right one.

I mean, you don’t need a near death experience or someone close to you dying in order to start valuing life, to start understanding it.
Think about it, most people when they’re about to die, they become aware of values and realities otherwise invisible in “regular” everyday society, they become aware of LIFE.

And when I say “your body is alive,” I mean it from every aspect!

1) Your “life form” has a mind of it’s own (literally).
There’s an “intelligence” beyond yours that is keeping your molecules and atoms together.
A life form that is constantly rejoicing!
It breathes, it palpitates, it flows, it CONSTANTLY VIBRATES.

2) It’s governed by rules our current logic doesn’t comprehend.
It’s safe to say that your mind “borrowed” the “technology” but it doesn’t have a clue of how it works. So it keeps inventing new stories, and I’m not talking of our current understandings and all of human discoveries. Not talking about physics, math, chemistry or philosophy, I’m going BEYOND human intellectual comprehension or Earth’s biological creations, I’m talking about universal order. 🙂


Whenever you feel lost in your nonexistent, SELF CREATED, sometimes VERY LOST little world, BRING YOURSELF BACK TO THIS PLACE, to this REALIZATION, to this TRUTH, to this ALIVENESS!!!