The Cause ~ G.O.D.

Publicado 21 Jun 2012, 4:56 pm


“God is an infinite circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” ~Nicolas of Cusa

God is everything and yet came from nothing. Man has reduced God to concepts and ideas, has attempted to manipulate God with religion and is opposed by the atheist. Having the concept or idea of God creates a fault in the truth about the infinite mind within itself. Defining God breaks the circuit between knowing and not knowing. The simple act of defining God is a paradox within itself, the more we define God the more we limit what is unlimited. It’s like the universe and atoms, which are infinite and yet become definable by the act of measuring or observing them. To know thyself is to have a slight glimpse of God, but yet there still must be something that is beyond all space and time, beyond what we have within, and beyond what we can define. God transcends all forms of thought, yet it is only through thinking that we perceive God. The ultimate mystery is beyond all levels of thought and our concept of God becomes the final interference, and our ultimate barricade to the discovery of God itself.

“God is as big as your comprehension of him.” ~Pepe Aguilar