Publicado 30 Aug 2012, 4:49 pm


“The Free thinking of one age is the common sense of the next.” ~Matthew Arnold

The day will come when humanity will wake up from the limits we have imposed on ourselves, and whether this awakening is through peaceful means or violent revolution, it does not matter. We are living in a structured society that served its purpose but we are beginning to outgrow it. Simply put, this is evolution, and it is happening right before our eyes. The structure we currently live in is merely a game that is controlled by government institutions and this game can only continue to exist if we continue to participate within it. This is no different than the institutions of religion or money. The reason people seek religion is for spiritual guidance, but it has resulted in the manipulation of the human consciousness. As Joseph Campbell once said.

“Religion is a defense against a religious experience.”

Likewise, the freedom that a government grants you is merely a defense against true sovereign and unlimited freedom. People seek government institutions for guidance and protection, like a child seeks guidance and protection from his or her own parents. If we proceed to do this, we will continue to be a society of perpetual children stunting our own growth and evolution. Your government cannot protect your life, your children, your money or your property. Whether it is by stealing half your wealth, creating money out of thin air, threatening your life and freedom with man made laws, which are based on deception for the purpose of our own enslavement, you will not be protected. Likewise, your government cannot protect our children by regimenting beliefs in mental prisons also known as schools, while selling their futures off to the highest bidder. How can children learn anything new when the teachers don’t know any better? People falsely believe that these institutions have power, but they merely have the power that is given to them, and nothing more. No different than praying to a crucifix hanging on the wall of a church. It is not the crucifix or Jesus or any other deity that has the power, it is your own internal beliefs that shape our reality, and it is no different with government. Consequently, the word ‘ment’ means ‘mind’ in Latin, so the word govern-ment means to govern the mind. It is these institutions of government, money and religion with their own corruption and greed that are leading to their own demise. It is a law of nature that everything comes to an end, and something greater begins. So don’t be upset when corruption is discovered but understand that it is necessary for our own growth and evolution from being dependent children to sovereign adults. Change comes when you get so fed up with the way things are that you’ll transform and true change begins in the imagination.

“We cannot change anything until we accept it.” ~Carl G. Jung